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Get Gorgeous and Glowing Skin through Sugar(ed)

Having a good hair removal treatment can make your skin free from dead cells, leaving it smooth and soft. It simply enhances the radiance and offer subtle glow to your skin. If you are looking for the premium beauty salon, that can provide you with the complete organic hair removal, then you should put your faith on Sugar(ed). It is the finest salon for removing unwanted hair from your skin and which utilizes the latest methodologies and tools in doing so. The agenda of Sugar(ed) is to go deep into the skin, removing the ailments in a comprehensive way and provides you a nourishing and healthy skin.

At Sugar(ed), it offers an effective sugar wax hair removalto your skin. It is an ancient and fruitful technique of hair removal Singapore. The sugaring process uses sugar paste which is made up of water, sugar and lemon juice that is completely and 100% natural. It is less painful as compared to the latest waxing methods. Undergoing this method of waxing Singapore makes your skin flawless. The sugar paste is applied at a room temperature, so it avoids the scalding at an ease. With the repeated sugaring process, it makes hair follicles weak by which it does not allow the hair to grow fast. Hence, hair can be easily removed, making it less painful. Besides sugaring, it also offers impeccable service for:

  • Scrub

  • Facials

  • (V)acials

Sugar(ed) provides effectual exfoliation through the method of scrubbing which can help to eliminate dirt cells from your skin, making it free from ingrown hair. It offers detoxifying scrubs like Hungarian mud wrap, Dead Sea salt scrub etc to your skin, which gives supple and younger look. It also offers top-notch facial treatments that help to cleanse your skin. In addition, it provides rich mud treatment in order to restore your attractive face to its throne. Sugar(ed) offers best hair removal services Singapore.

Sugar(ed) offers an extensive range of studios which comprises fully-equipped rooms along with spa shower for the body treatment. The team of Sugar(ed) is highly trained and certified professionals who provides top-of-the-line sugaring and body treatments, lash perm Singaporetreatment etc. They are very generous and compassionate experts, who provide effectual solutions to the treatments with utmost care and attention. If you are interested to have an exotic experience of your skin care, then you should definitely pay a visit to Sugar(ed). You can book your appointment through online in a hassle-free manner.

For more details, visit https://www.sugared.com.sg